Amrit Masonic Special School

Speech & Language Pathology

Development delays can be associated with speech-sound delay, misarticulations, language delay or dysarthria. Our speech and language pathologist helps students overcome their speech, language and communication challenges. We use several methodologies to help the students plan, coordinate and produce sound. In the early intervention section, the emphasis is on creating the right environment for speech stimulation, increasing the receptive language vocabulary and encouraging the correct sound productions.

For older students with motor-speech and motor-planning difficulties, a holistic approach is followed. Along with the physical aspects of speech production, factors like cognitive levels and social environment are kept in mind. A multisensory approach using tactile, kinaesthetic, visual and verbal cues are used to work on their misarticulations, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic language.

  1. Optimizing the academic potential of all students
  2. Helping students adapt to their environment and become as self-dependent as possible.
  3. Fostering self-advocacy in students
  4. Guiding parents about the various government schemes applicable to their children

Some of the modalities used are oromotor exercises, PROMPT therapy, Audio Verbal Therapy, Voice Therapy, Language Therapy, Articulation Therapy, Swallowing and Feeding therapy.