Amrit Masonic Special School

Study Center

AMSS is an NIOS Accredited Agency (Study Centre) for the OBE program. In addition to being an NIOS examination centre, we also enroll students in our OBE section for online/offline classes.

As an Accredited Agency of NIOS, we are responsible for
  • Choosing the study material
  • Conducting formative and summative assessments
  • Evaluating exams and declaring results
  • Disbursing the completion certificates
  • Liaising with NIOS Regional Centre

Our view of the curriculum:

  • OBE level A curriculum is primarily selected to impart pre-academic skills.
  • OBE level B curriculum helps build the students’ self-confidence.
  • OBE level C curriculum prepares the students for NIOS Secondary and Senior Secondary levels.